You tell them!

Written by Pablo Zareceansky in the category FAM open source

You tell 'em! rages Jeremy Irons at the end of this hard-hitting FAO video we dug out today.

Watching this video back in 2010 spurred us on with this project. The desire to tackle this topic was already growing inside us, but somehow this show of passion struck a particular chord with us: It can't go on! We can't allow this to happen! We don't know why the FAO hasn’t posted this video on their web page (not even a censored version). It is probably the best wake-up call they have come up with. Everybody should take this attitude. It's certainly the attitude that runs through this project - make no mistakes about it! : -)

1 Billion Hungry PSA Featuring Jeremy Irons from Patrick Fraser on Vimeo.

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