Open FAM

Written by Lucía Andújar in the category FAM open source

We are sharing the project dossier to enable anyone who wants to delve deeper into FAM and discover its motivation, deadlines, objectives, support, and challenges to do so.

Designed by a minúscula

We have thought long and hard about it and paid much attention to the wording, images and colours used. Even so, we don't consider it to be the final copy. This is our bible and like every bible should be, it's open to ongoing review, tweaks, the inclusion of new discoveries and paradigms, developments, and any changes in outlook that come up along the way.

But today we are very satisfied and it really gets us going to know that this is what we work on every day. We are fully immersed in its content and moving towards its completion

Here there is ProjecteFAM universe,

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