African Cyberactivism against Censorship

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Carlos Bajo writes an interesting article on how Africa has been an experimentation laboratory for Internet espionage, censorship and denunciation by civil society alike.

Un avestruz muerto con los pies enredados en alambre de púas. Rift Valley, 1936 | Library of Congress | Dominio público

In many spheres the African continent has been a mere laboratory for Western governments and transnational corporations. Although it may seem incredible, one of these spheres has been the digital sphere, but in is darkest dimension: control, espionage, censorship. The interests of certain companies that develop solutions for Internet control have coincided with those of liberticidal governments with a desire to control their citizens beyond any idea of fundamental rights. Meanwhile, civil societies have organised themselves to denounce and fight the abuses and have achieved considerable success, including generating a solidarity network that is as creative as it is tireless.

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