We are the people who can make changes happen, maybe this change or another one, we will only find out at the end. We are a human network that watches, studies, and reports on hunger through the combination of these diverse disciplines, our knowledge and experience. Some of us are at the heart of the project and drive it forward. Others join and get involved, contributing what they know or understand to strengthen the coherency, throughness, and veracity of the narrative. We all build communication that touches hearts, tears down obsolete practices and genereates new hopes.

A project by

Quepo, the driving force

The people in the office mulling over this throughout the day. We are development communication, audiovisual, project management, and citizen participation professionals.

Experts, our advosory team

Funders, the main support

Those who have helped us to get started and those who will help us to achieve our objective.

NGO, participants from the social sector

Those who open their communication archives to us, completing our investigation and participate in the working groups.