Collaboration with the media. One more piece of the project narrative through mutual cooperation.

The media. For most NGOs, media are like a prize. That is to say, if your campaign, your event or your "whatever" is appealing, it will be in the media. And this is highly valuable, and highly sought after as well as being very hard work to achieve. We are not so sure of the importance or the impact of appearing in the media. Because we question, What is reported? Where is it reported? How? Did it work well in the media? Do we create quality and stable links which allow for continued support to, sharing with, and provision of information to journalists? Therefore, this is how this raising awareness action begins.

The main objective we are pursuing is the construction of a journalistic perspective from the different approaches that this project has in each of its tool kits (the collective imagination, causes of hunger, the perspective of the South on the response from the North regarding food crises, etc…). The alliance with different communication media seeks to reinforce the impact and the scope of the project, making these the main outcomes of the project, for example, the webdoc or the feature-length documentary,so that they can be offered to the public as part of the media content. And, furthermore, create independent journalistic products developed using the materials produced by FAM along with the focus of the project.

We want to create a mutually beneficial alliance that will accompany this project to create fixed spaces for its dissemination, and that of its process and its different phases. This will work by building synergies that function in two directions: from the project to the media, and from the media to the project. In the project-media direction: Through the process of research and documentation, in connection with the work that the network of journalists and local directors accomplish in countries of the Sahel, there is the possibility for the media to create journalistic materials, which harness the potential of the raw materials we are producing to create a space where the theme of hunger becomes visible. And, in the other direction: media-project, we seek to work on the process of the project itself, publication of blogs, launching of various tools, coverage of actions to raise awareness, work on social media etc… with the constant support of experts and the contacts they offer to us. Some suggestions are El País-Planeta Futuro, El, Crític, The Guardian-Global Development, Anuari Mediacat, 5W.