The documentary tells the story of a small fight, the fight of an activist who is trying to stop the impact of hunger on his community. A pivotal story based on one of the causes of hunger. This story is complemented by a follow-up on a group of key characters to understand how the fight against hunger works and the incoherence of the policies implemented to combat it.

The documentary forms part of the second phase of the transmedia project. As such, it is currently in the design phase and is in need of funding. Below, you can find some more information about the idea:

The main theme of the documentary is "The structural causes of hunger are invisible".

In producing this documentary we seek to raise awareness in two ways: First, raise awareness of aspects which are little known by society in general on the root causes of hunger, linked to the political and economic system we live in. And second, open a deep and meaningful social debate on the invisible structural causes which perpetuate hunger and how to reduce their impact.