Captivating live cinema performance about our collective imagination on hunger.

The live-cinema performance is part of the second phase of the project. As such, it is currently in the design phase and is in need of funding. Here you can find some more information about the idea:

"Visions for the Eridaction of Hunger" belongs to the category of activities focused on cultural dynamism and generating debate and synergies in order to promote a change regarding the tragedy of hunger. This entails a performance-event, which supports the assertion that it is essential to build culture on this issue, a different culture, one that is liberating and that integrates cultural and social dialogue to promote alternatives and new insights for a necessary change.

On this basis, the event seeks to connect a specialized cultural experience in the field of culture, audiovisual and international development cooperation with citizens from a wide range of disciplines (from associationism and activism, to people with interests in culture), around an act of communication and professional artistic expression. The performance will have as its main activity the live production of an audiovisual narration on hunger and the instruments and mechanisms associated with it. The narration will be constructed live by video jockeys drawing on the the research and materials, regarding the construction of the audiovisual source code for hunger, that we will have produced during the entire transmedia project.