Multimedia photo exhibit. Behind women and children with glazed-over eyes, there are stock brokers and policy-makers from large international organizations.

This exhibition forms part of the second phase of the transmedia project. As such, it is currently in the design phase and is in need of funding. Below, you can find some more information about the idea:

In line with the research that will be carried out over the different production phases of the transmedia project, we will create a multimedia photo exhibition. An exhibition on hunger where rather than going to see areas and people suffering from hunger and drought the visitor will see closeups of executives, shots of warehouses stocked with material, packaging lines, biotechnology, banking offices, meeting rooms, headquarters of large organizations, etc. An interactive proposition that will require the visitor's participation.

The starting point of the exhibit’s design is to have a substantial number of large format photos projected onto touch screens which will allow the visitor to "touch” these faces that are normally distant, in order to get responses to questions that would be asked of them. Doing so will expose hidden images and reveal new faces of some of those responsible for this tragedy.